My name's Clare and I like to draw and read and learn about Celtic mythology. Mostly I just reblog art tho.


the perfect family :’0

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rumpleshtiltskin asked: Tiana or Nani

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i want to take a moment to talk about the movie ‘khumba' because i just noticed its been added to netflix 

EVERYONE NEEDS TO CHECK OUT THIS MOVIE!! i watched it a few months ago and i loved it, here’s the synopsis 

Rejected by his superstitious herd, a half-striped zebra embarks on a daring quest to earn his stripes but finds the courage and self-acceptance to save all the animals of the Great Karoo

some cool stuff about this movie

  • the studio behind this movie is triggerfish animation, based in cape town south africa. it’s a pretty new studio, they did that movie ‘adventures in zambezia’ in 2012 (the one with the birds) i think it’s awesome to see a movie made in the same place it’s set 
  • it’s BEAUTIFULLY animated and the art direction is pretty good too especially considering it wasn’t made by any big name studios. the character designs are more interesting and varied than a lot of cgi animated stuff disney has put out i’ll say that
  • the movie was inspired by and dedicated to the quagga project, which was an effort to save the quagga (which looks kinda like a half striped zebra) from extinction 

the cast is really impressive for a 20 million budget movie too btw



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I will never not miss this show on CN. Star was always my fave <3  

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~oc meme to do with friends or by yourself~
**questions with "___" are for the creator to fill in!**
1: which of your characters would take the most selfies?
2: if your characters had tumblr blogs, what kind would they be? (pale, fandom, nature, sj, etc)
3: in a high school setting, what would your characters' best subject(s) be?
4: what is ____'s favorite food(s)?
5: what kind of music would your characters listen to? their favorite artists?
6: if ___ could choose any one body part to get chopped off to save a loved one's life, which would they pick?
7: where would your character(s) like to go on vacation the most?
8: where would your character(s) like to live the most?
9: your character's favorite season(s)?
10: [submitter picks two characters]; they are stuck in an elevator together for abou an hour. what happens?
11: how do your characters act when they're drunk?
12: have your characters had sex before? if yes, how many times? with the same or opposite gender?
13: if your character(s) have kids, how do they feel towards/about them?
14: does ___ prefer tea or coffee?
15: walking into your character'(s') bedroom, what might you see hanging/taped to their walls or on the ceiling?
16: does your character keep a diary? what would they write in it?
17: how confident are your characters with their bodies?
18: [submitter picks one character]; which Pokemon would they be?
19: when they're about to fall asleep at night, what would your characters do/think about?
20: who parties the hardest of your characters?
21: anybody wear cologne? perfume? what scents?
22: how often do your characters masturbate? B)
23: what weapons is ___ capable of wielding?
24: do your characters think sex is good/bad? would they do it casually?
25: are any of your characters good at cooking? or alternatively, any of them burnt water?


Dr. Seuss inspired needle felted terrarium jewellery by 358studio

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How to color eggs with onion shells.



This must be the most beautiful DIY tutorial I have ever seen. And it so happens to be in style of this weekend. Found on Ulicam, a very nice blog by Ulrika Kestere, photographer and illustrator. For the whole tutorial and lot’s of inspiration, click here.

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by Rick Riordan

PART 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


I wish we had more of rachel and clarisse and grover and thalia and connor and travis and ervERYONE UGH

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Ok. I’m tired of the typical vampire, werewolf and fairy.I’m also tired of the occidental-centrism in mythology. Hence, this list.

I tried to included as many cultural variants as I could find and think of. (Unfortunately, I was restricted by language. Some…


More doodles from my instagram 


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i rly need to draw more stuff for gone, don’t i?


Favourite Fashion: Monique Lhuillier, Pre-Fall 2013

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